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New video about avatar

Syu’s RPG is minecraft MMORPG server

Have you seen other story chapters?

RPG that unites the power together and captures the quest (story)
Kill monsters and level up!
If you get the buff skill of the party, you can challenge even stronger monsters.
There are status and skill allocations by occupation, and train characters according to their own play style.
Identify unidentified items dropped from monsters to become stronger, and get powerful equipment that no one has.
Also, don’t forget to upgrade your equipment. Try to sell items that are no longer needed to players by trading.
When it gets stronger, work with your friends to defeat the event boss and get the raredrop avatar.

There is no time and the update is delayed. Currently I use English translation of google translation.

You can switch between Japanese and English in the game server.

I’m sorry. The English wiki is being updated late. If you can translate Japanese wikis and read them, please access them.

minecraft server banner
MOB rush implemented.
 The neon tube of the MOB rush is a mark. If you put a dedicated medal in the MOB slot, a lot of monsters will appear. Many experience points are available. 
An air strike event has been implemented.
Take a bomber and control the monster area. You can gain many experience points by defeating many monsters.
The event can be held in exchange for a medal of honor that can be earned once a day (every 24 hours).
* Only one medal of honor can be stocked. (You can not stock the second one.)
At the time of bombing: Skills can not be used. It will be an attack of bomb drop only.
The use of energy drinks (any one) will reduce the drop interval and allow you to drop more bombs.
As for the reward, it will be the point defeated by bombing * Experience points commensurate with the player's LV
With regard to party experience distribution, there is no distribution of reward experience earned during the event.
Available only to the individual player who participated in the event.

A wizard mage has been implemented!

Minecraft MMORPG mage – Dragon bless

Minecraft MMORPG. Wizard Mage-Dragon Bless

Attack magic dragon breath. Party skill to increase the attack power of the party at enchant buff. A job that assists fellows in cycle heal.

Comming soon....?
Development of new job necromancer completed (implemented yet) Summon the monsters loaded into the monster ball and defeat the monsters.
Minecraft MMORPG – Necromancer

Hostname : SyusRPG.mygs.co
Version : 1.12.2
Dynmap :

New job. The gang was implemented.

Gang job. Range attack on TNT. Medium range attack with a pistol.

Minecraft MMORPG Gang job – Range attack on TNT.

Minecraft MMORPG Gang job –
Medium range attack with a pistol.
Server vote

We set up a reward based on server voting. Diamonds obtained by voting are items that can do special things such as avatar exchange, double the experience value, status reset and so on.

Minecraft MMORPG Original Texture Avatar
Minecraft MMORPG – Avatar

More fun boss fight with multiple people!

Multiple players are given damage to the same monster even in less than 0.1 seconds.
So you can demonstrate total attack power for the number of people.
Experience values ​​are not allocated to the person who knocked down at the end, and experience values ​​are allocated as much as the amount of damage given.


Minecraft MMORPG – assassin shadow skill lv.80