WELCOME Syu’s RPG Server site

There is no time and the update is delayed. Currently I use English translation of google translation.

minecraft server banner

Hostname : SyusRPG.mygs.co
Version : 1.12.2
DISCORD : https://discord.gg/h7SDJtb
Dynmap :

Coming soon!

Gang job. Range attack on TNT. Medium range attack with a pistol. Please wait for the update.

Minecraft RPG Gang job – Range attack on TNT.

Minecraft RPG Gang job –
Medium range attack with a pistol.
Server vote

We set up a reward based on server voting. Diamonds obtained by voting are items that can do special things such as avatar exchange, double the experience value, status reset and so on.

Minecraft Original Texture Avatar

More fun boss fight with multiple people!

Multiple players are given damage to the same monster even in less than 0.1 seconds.
So you can demonstrate total attack power for the number of people.
Experience values ​​are not allocated to the person who knocked down at the end, and experience values ​​are allocated as much as the amount of damage given.


assassin shadow skill lv.80