Avatar is obtained in the following procedure.

Minecraft RPG avatar

1.Obtain avatar box which event boss etc. drops with low probability.

2.Hold the accessory you want to wear avatar in your hand and talk to NPC.

3.Avatar BOX dropped at avatar shop and pay the number of diamonds and gold required for it

Minecraft MMORPG Avatar Replacement Instructions Guide Video 13-Syu’s RPG

Minecraft MMORPG Syu’s RPG Guide Video 13 A video summarizing how to exchange avatars. The route to the exchange place, avatar outline, exchange method, etc. are included.

On the special abilities of avatar

Avatar is equipped with special ability, it will be added to the ability value of the equipment.

Example: Bike Avatar (Vehicle)
Before Attachment Helmet Defense Power + 2 Power + 3
After attaching Avatar Helmets Defense Power + 2 Force + 3 Movement Speed ​​2 times Reflection Knockback 100% against monster attack

*Hold the avatar equipment in your hand and right click on how to equip the helmet.

*For each event boss etc, drop the Avatar BOX for equipment that is fixed by level band.

*Equipment worn by Avatar can be sold to other players at / trade.

*It is also possible to change the item on which the avatar is already worn to another avatar. (However, the avatar’s special ability and avatar will disappear.)

*Currently only avatars of helmets and weapons. To be added sequentially

Avatar list   * Includes unimplemented avatars

Avatar helmet barrel
Avatar helmet bike
Avatar helmet chair director
Avatar helmet clown
Avatar helmet creeper backpack
Avatar helmet deebo
Avatar helmet donald
Avatar helmet gas mask
Avatar helmet hair samurai
Avatar helmet
Avatar helmet
Avatar helmet pirate hat
Avatar helmet football
Avatar helmet jerryfish
Avatar helmet Jiang Shi
Avatar helmet Ninja mask 1
Avatar helmet Lizard
Avatar helmet Mummy
Avatar helmet Mummy
Avatar helmet Ninja mask 2
Avatar helmet robe(black)
Avatar helmet robe(white)
Avatar helmet scouter
Avatar helmet slime (green)
Avatar helmet slime (red)
Avatar helmet spock
Avatar helmet totem (body)
Avatar helmet totem wing
Avatar helmet totem face
Avatar helmet tramp
Avatar helmet vader
Avatar helmet viking
Avatar helmet warrior
Avatar helmet trooper
Avatar weapon cat hand
Avatar weapon cat (doll)
Avatar weapon cockroach
Avatar weapon bear (doll)
Avatar weapon Dack Janiel
Avatar weapon frenchbread
Avatar weapon lantern goyou
Avatar weapon moon spear
Avatar weapon playing card
Avatar weapon poop hand
Avatar weapon ravvit (doll)
Avatar weapon spear
Avatar weapon stand golem
Avatar weapon surfboard
Avatar weapon toxic gas