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Minecraft Syu’s RPG-Tutorial guide 1

This video is recommended for those who are interested in the game and who will start from here. This video guides you from the facility description in town to the field.

Game guide video

Minecraft Syu's RPG-Guide 2: Event boss

About event boss battle guide.
 There are some useful informations such as player's EXP distribution.
Minecraft Syu's RPG-Guide 3: Event boss

Video content: Lv.5-20 Event guidance to the event boss, death penalty, game cheats knowledge about return documents etc. are included.
Minecraft Syu's RPG-Guide 4: First Quest

The first quest progress guide and hunting spot information and touchi useful for the early stage are included.

Minecraft Syu’s RPG-Guide 5 : Quest Lv. 15

It is included such as how to confirm the quest progress status from menu items and quest progress guidance of Lv.15 which tends to get lost.

Minecraft Syu’s RPG – MMORPG Guide 6 : How to trade with player privately?

Minecraft MMORPG – Syu’s RPG :Efficient hunting area Guide 7

Minecraft MMORPG – Syu’s RPG :Guide 8 Respoon point change and location

MMORPG – Syu’s RPG :Air Strike event | Guide 9

MMOPRG About Death spawner :Guide 10

Minecraft MMORPG – Avatar Drop! Event Boss | Syu’s RPG – Guide11

Minecraft MMORPG-Syu’s RPG Server Guide Video 11 Event boss Lv.5 This is a video of Slime route guidance and monster introduction. You can drop rare avatars with low probability, but 3 slimes are physical defense, magic defense, etc. Each one is different. It is recommended to join forces at the party and defeat. Droppable Avatar ・ Slime +1 (There is a special ability that is compatible with Slime Avatar) ・ Totem All skill level + 1

Minecraft MMORPG Syu's RPG Game Guide 12

 Avatar Introducing the Available Quests The avatars you get are low probability. Director's wheel chair + left foot cast + avatar ability with parrot + 30% UP Necessary quest correct LV will be 10-20. 
Minecraft MMORPG Avatar Replacement Instructions Guide Video 13-Syu's RPG

Minecraft MMORPG Syu's RPG Guide Video 13 A video summarizing how to exchange avatars. The route to the exchange place, avatar outline, exchange method, etc. are included.