About equipment upgrade

1.Collect materials on equipment at upgrading equipment 

2.Upgrade ore by hand in blacksmith You can do with the procedure.

Route to the mining site

You can go to the mine from a hole in the blast furnace in town. 

You can not use skills or regular weapons at the mine. Pickel becomes a weapon.

Mining method

Minecraft RPG – mining area
I will purchase Pickle from a merchant on the way to the mining site. At the mining site, mining is done by defeating the creeper or exchanging it. A block indicated as <BREAK> is crushed with Pickle and gold ore, silver ore , lapis lazuli can be obtained. You can drop gun powder from creeper and exchange nutrition drinks with merchandise from merchants.
 Lapis lazuli> silver ore> gold ore in the order of acquisition will be lowered.  

How to upgrade and explain

LapUpgrade can be done in exchange for ore in blacksmith.

Normally upgradable times are set to 7 times for armor. Stars will increase to equip the number of successful upgrades. The notation written under Stars is details of the ability improved by the upgrade. Equipment upgradable to 0 times can not be upgraded anymore.